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Sight is our most precious sense enabling us to enjoy the beauty of the world in which we live. Blindness has been recognized as an important public health problem in India, a country that is now home to a billion inhabitants. A nationwide survey, undertaken in 1999-2001, revealed the prevalence of blindness to be 8.5%. Over 60% of blindness has been attributed to cataract alone.


For centuries, developing cataract doomed a person to blindness. Today modern microsurgical techniques utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, lenses and surgical material, allow people to enjoy good, clear vision after their cataracts have been removed. We at Shreya Eye Centre believe that giving up favorite activities and suffering through years of poor vision due to cataract is no longer an inevitable part of the ageing process. Our centre is dedicated to provide the best possible care to patients suffering from cataract.


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