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eye care centre delhi

Shreya Eye Centre offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services in all subspecialties of ophthalmology. We are committed to deliver best quality and comprehensive eye care with cutting edge technology and personalized care. Our guiding philosophy is to provide eye care by optimal use of latest technology & human intelligence along with empathy, sincerity and ethics. Gratitude for the trust placed in us, and a strong sense of responsibility for our patients continues to

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  • We are now equipped with HD-LASIK (High Definition is latest in customised LASIK)


  • WE are now on panel with: CGHS, DGEHS, ECHS, NDMC, DDA, and other PSU's





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Patients Testimonials

Anil Kumar Mittal. P.O.Box 62039, Abudhabi (UAE) ---- Truely satisfied by the care & services of the Technical and other staff of Shreya Eye Centre. click to read more...

Eye Check Up

eye care centre delhi

Though routine comprehensive eyecheckup is recommended to everybody once in a year. But following are the guidelines for eyecheckups

Early Childhood: First eye checkup is recommended to every normal looking child at age of 3 to 4 year i.e., before entering school to look for Refractve error, Amblyopia (LAZY EYES), Squint etc.

Adolescents: In children with refracive error / squint etc. regular vision and refraction test is advised for normal vision development.

Adults: Young active people need checkups for ref

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Chairmans Message

LASIK Vision Correction

Dear patient,


At Shreya Eye Centre, we are Committed to provide better vision by interfacing state of art technology with a human  touch. Our guiding philosophy is to provide comprehensive eye care by optimal use of cutting edge technology.

Your trust shown in us is the biggest reward for us.


Dr. Rakesh Gupta


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